Although the #claddingscandal is an uphill struggle, we wanted to show what we have achieved together in just six months. We couldn't do this without our volunteers and donors. Thank you.
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We are an action group, set up in February 2020, to put pressure on those responsible for trapping leaseholders in unsafe buildings, following the Grenfell tragedy.

Cladding removal and replacement, and other fire safety issues raised by Grenfell, are resulting in life-changing bills for leaseholders, through no fault of their own.

And until repairs are made, leaseholders and tenants are trapped in unsafe buildings. Thousands of people are under incredible stress. From first time buyers, who stretched to get their foot on the housing ladder and are now #generationtrapped, through to retirees who now face living in poverty, or face bankruptcy and homelessness, with no chance to earn their way out of this crisis.


  1. For the Government to underwrite the insurance for our buildings, in the same way they did previously for flood affected houses. Insurance companies have, in some cases, quintupled their premiums for flats with unsafe cladding. They are also threatening to pull cover all together if works are not planned and carried out quickly. This unfairly puts the onus on the leaseholders to find, in some cases, millions of pounds per development in 12 – 18 months.
  2. For the Government’s cladding fund to be extended to cover all fire safety issues highlighted since Grenfell for the estimated 450+ affected buildings in the UK. The recently communicated £1bn building safety fund is a positive step as it covers both ACM and non ACM cladding, however it does not cover buildings under 18 metres or non-cladding related fire safety issues, resulting in a leaseholder lottery.
  3. For interim waking watches to be funded by the building owners. There are significant costs for having a 24/7 waking watch until repairs can be completed. Where these are required they should be paid for by the building owners.
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