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Who are we and what do we want?

We are an action group, set up in February 2020, to put pressure on those responsible for trapping leaseholders in unsafe buildings, following the Grenfell tragedy.

Cladding removal and replacement, and other fire safety issues raised by Grenfell, are resulting in life-changing bills for leaseholders, through no fault of their own.

And until repairs are made, leaseholders and tenants are trapped in unsafe buildings. Thousands of people are under incredible stress. From first time buyers, who stretched to get their foot on the housing ladder and are now #generationtrapped, through to retirees who now face living in poverty, or face bankruptcy and homelessness, with no chance to earn their way out of this crisis.

We demand action, via these 10 steps:

  1. The government must lead an urgent national effort to remove all dangerous cladding from buildings by June 2022
  2. The Building Safety Fund must cover all buildings, regardless of height, and a range of internal and external fire safety defects not just cladding
  3. The government should provide the money up front, and then seek to recover it from any responsible parties or via a temporary levy on development
  4. Social housing providers must have full and equal access to the fund
  5. The government must compel building owners or managers to be honest with residents about fire safety defects
  6. The government should cover the cost of interim safety measures
  7. The government should act as an insurer of last resort and underwrite insurance where premiums have soared
  8. A fairer, faster process is needed to replace EWS and funding is necessary to ensure all buildings requiring a form are surveyed within 12 months
  9. Mental health support must be offered to affected residents
  10. Protecting residents from historic and future costs must be a key commitment of new building safety legislation

4 ways to help now:

Talk Radio Interview

By BrumLAG | 25 February 2020 |
Jen bring interviewed

Free Radio interview

By BrumLAG | 25 February 2020 |

Islington Gates resident talks about the Cladding Scandal on Free Radio.