Zoom Roundtable meeting for the Cladding/Fire safety regulation victims

Aim: A non partisan, cross party, meeting that brings together the leading (West Midlands’ and Birminghams’s) political advocates with affected stakeholders (Leaseholders, freeholders, businesses), giving the opportunity for the politicians to explain their activities and to be in a forum to understand at first-hand the affect and worries of the stakeholders.

Prior to the meeting a survey will be carried out  to identify the size and scope of the issue in the West Midlands area – this information will be provided to the politicians a few days before the meeting.

There is an opportunity for stakeholders to network, giving them the chance to form legal action alliances which in turn will increase litigation power and reduce legal costs per development

The proposed agenda is as follows:

  1. Introduction - Main speakers and aims, especially in respect of the release of the non ACM cladding fund – BrumLAG Chair – Jen Reid
  2. Parliamentary lobbying activities
    • Andy Street – West Midlands CA Mayor
    • Shabana Mahmood, MP for Ladywood , Birmingham
  3. Technical presentation – Fire safety issues in development – Chris Easton FRICS.
  4. Stakeholder presentation – Residential
    • Brindley House – Tom Brothwell
    • Islington Gates - Brian Simpson
  5. Stakeholder Presentation – Commercial – Raj Rana, Itihaas. Combined affect of Covid and Cladding
  6. Stakeholder presentation – Freeholder – Directors of Wallace estates
  7. Estate agents – The affect on the West Midlands housing market
  8. Q & A


The meeting will be controlled by the chair and will be between 1 and 1.5hrs

Attendance will be by invitation only (email: info@brumlag.org)


Active lobbying politicians

Constituency MPS

Affected leaseholders and Managing agents where no RTM board


Estate agents and similar affected businesses