PRESS RELEASE – Fire Safety Works To Continue At Cladding Hit Site

Islington Gates

Fire safety works at Islington Gates are top priority of the Leaseholder Board at Islington Gates and our managing agents. Our building consultant is overseeing the works and will be reviewing progress this week. Subject to Covid-19 restrictions we want to complete the additional fire breaks ASAP. Obviously no-one has any control over its impact on the construction industry. Leaseholder board chairman Philip Davis said: “Residents are already protected by additional measure introduced, such as the 24/7 fire watch and the klaxons installed in January in every block. As soon as it opens, we will also be applying to the Government’s cladding fund to remove both timber and metal cladding. It’s a scandal that builders and Government have allowed this problem. It is hitting leaseholders hard. The insurance industry also needs to stop hitting leaseholders with hugely increased premiums. What we need most of all is a guarantee of insurance industry support and for Government to underpin this – as they have in flood-hit areas.”